It was the mid 2000’s and zombies were the new hype.
From the masterpiece “The Walking Dead” to Dawn of Dead’s remake, the Resident Evil saga and Max Brooks’ books… all media where taken over by the undead.
As zombie fans, we also wondered how to tribute their comeback after years of silence.
The only really groundbreaking idea we got was to brew some zombies in the real world. Obviously.
Unfortunately, all our lab tests to create trioxin 204 in our basement failed miserably. And on the market you can find mad cow disease, SARS and probably some black plague, but there’s no way to get some T-virus.
Quite saddened by the impossibility to spread a zombie pandemic across the Earth, we tossed away our umbrella corp. bioengineering handbooks, and we realized our shelves were also filled with something else: comic books.
“The Walking Dead” and “Marvel zombies”, of course, but also Moore’s “Writing for comics”, Eisner’s “A Contract with God”, Naoki Urasawa, Dylan Dog, Wolverine, Green Lantern, the great Punisher, “Adventure Comics” and obviously Hellboy.
“Frig!” A flash of inspiration “We like zombies. And we like comics”
A couple of dudes and two shared passions. It could have been the pilot for a sit-com or the beginning of an adventure. Or the first minute of a porn movie, actually.
So, after years of research, notes, sketches and tests… we’re proud to present the offspring of our passion: Undead Trinity.
A totally free web comic, divided in three chapters, of which the publication of the first one (“Pater”) is already ongoing.
After a reassuring start, we will bring you to a chaos of blood, death and unwise choices… so if you’re touchy, avoid this comic!