Angelo (writer) and Riccardo (artist) were born in the roaring decade of the 80s, respectively in the year of “The Return of the Living Dead”, and in the year of “Cannibal Holocaust” … obviously their artistic inclinations could only verge toward slaughter, anthropophagism and the living dead.
Like wandering rotten corpses the duo aimlessly roamed the italian peninsula for years, unaware of each other, until they found themselves barricaded in a bookshop in Milan during a zombie outbreak.
The experience forced them to get to know one another, and their passion for comic books and zombie movies kickstarted the project Undead Trinity.
Both fans of Romero, Mignola and comics have decided to express their passion for the undead in the webcomic you are reading right now.

Awesome Todd Jordan is an excellent scholar of italian language, and also the tireless error-checker for the english dialogues who ensures a better experience for all the anglophone audience.