Hello everyone! As of this writing Undead Trinity has reached 30 pages and it is now clear that the undead have reached the unsuspecting characters, mostly busy to quarrel and move metal bars, until now.
For starters we’d like to thank those who have followed us up to now, you’re a lot more than we expected.
And now les’t talk about Undead Trinity Shorts.

Undead Trinity Shorts are three-page comic stories, that will unveil what is happening outside the warehouse where Gabriel and Arnaldo try to survive the hordes of undead.
Each story will have a different register and a special guest artist!

The first issue of Undead Trinity Shorts will be “The unflappable Giannina” and will be drawn by the talented Andrea Strarosti!

Therefore, after having survived the Mayan prophecies and being stuffed with Christmas goodies,we will help you to digest with a short zombie story!

After this issue Undead Trinity will be on holiday for a wahile, but don’t panic! We’ll be back on january the 11th with a heavy injcetion of living dead!

Happy Holidays and feed the zombies!