Here we go again with a story from Undead Trinity’s world.

We entertained you with funny amateur tracheotomies, we amused you with grand scale massacres and we moved you with hundreds of pints of blood and piles of guts shed by Adriano and Marco, and now here we are with a brand new short story.

This time an all-round artist is going to help us with the zombie epic: Federico Sfascia.
Director (Beauty Full Beast, I Rec U) and cartoonist (Giada), the bold Sfascia will take us on a trip outside the dome with his unique style, so we will peek what’s up with the outside world while our “heroes” are busy with rough amputations.

We’d like to thank all you readers for your support so far: on our side we will keep on supplying you with hordes of undead every friday.

See you again in two weeks from today
Feed the zombies!

Angelo & Riccardo